DIYDifference Between A Combi Drill And Impact Driver

Difference Between A Combi Drill And Impact Driver


Difference Between A Combi Drill And Impact Driver

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

A combi drill is a type of drill that has an impact mechanism and is used to make holes in drywall, masonry, wood, plasterboard and other materials. It is also capable of driving fixtures such as screws making it a versatile tool capable of performing multiple different tasks. Combi drills often have a

An impact drill Is a more stubby looking drill that you may have often seen on sale with a combi drill. They are specifically designed for driving fixtures rather than drilling holes. With that being said, they are often used for drilling holes in metal but it is not the ideal use for them.

What Is a Combi Drill Good For?

A combi drill has a lot of the features that an impact driver does. The main difference is that with a combi drill, you are able to make your own drilling points as the drill bit rotates which would be difficult to do with an impact driver. This makes it easier to create small holes in different materials like plastic, wood and even metal. You can also attach a screwdriver or grinder at the same time with an attachment on the top of the combi-drill which is very useful for certain tasks around the house.

There is a much broader range of uses for a combi drill. For drilling alone, you can make use of standard drill bits, hole saws or Forstner bits to cut into a range of different materials. Since many combi drills often have hammer action, you can easly drill into concrete and other hard surfaces with little effort.

Another one of the most common tasks that a combi drill is capable of, is driving screws. They are very effective at doing this in most cases but as most users have figured out at one stage or other, a combi drill can often do just a good job at stripping the head off a screw if you are dealing with some dense wood and a screw that just doesn’t want to go in.

A combi drill is essentially good at doing everything that a drill should do. If you are on a limited budget or are someone who just wants to have a drill around the house for the odd job, a combi drill is all you will ever need.

What Is an Impact Driver Good For?

An impact driver is a type of drill that is specifically built to be good at driving in fasteners such as screws and bolts. It is not capable of drilling holes through masonry or wood. You can use it to drive in screws and bolts with ease thanks to the chuck of an impact driver that has a pull and release system to allow for incredibly quick swapping of bits which is not something you can do with a combi drill.

Impact drivers are incredibly good at untightening bolts that have become seized or have been over tightened. The impact element of this drill type acts like a little hammer that will tap away at the bolt rather than providing a constant amount of force like a combi drill would. It makes quite a lot of noise when it does this but it is incredibly effective and is a game changer for anyone that finds they spend a lot of time needing to tighten and untighten bolts or even dealing with lots of screws.

Another advantage of impact drills is they can be quite good at driving screws without the need for pilot holes. They are forceful while also being gentle enough to be able to get a screw driven into the timber to the required depth.

It is possible to buy attachments for an impact driver that will allow you to use standard drill bits for drilling holes but it is a waste of time. This drill is better used for its primary purpose. A combi drill does drilling and fastening quite well, an impact driver does fastening very well but falls short when it comes to drilling, particularly when hammer action is required.

Should I Buy A Combi Drill or an Impact Driver?

This is a very good question and one that many people ask themselves whether they are looking to buy a new impact drill or not. Both drills will have their pros and cons and both are used for similar jobs so the answer isn’t as black and white as it may seem.

It’s important to know what you are buying so that you can make a decision on what is best for your needs. Since most tool manufacturers sell impact drills and combi drills in a set together, it is wise to pick up both if you have the money and think you will need both.

A combi drill has a lot of the features that an impact driver does, but it also has some additional features that an impact driver does not. If you are just looking for a drill to keep around the house that can be used for hanging up pictures, drilling some holes and to help you drive a few screws here and there, you are best off picking up a combi drill as it will do everything you need well.

If you are looking for a drill that you intend on using to drive screws, bolts and other fasteners, you are best off with an Impact drill. If you find yourself in a position where you are in need of an impact driver on a regular basis, then you are more than likely someone who is going to need to drill holes now and then too. It is best to buy a a combi and impact driver in a pair that share batteries. It is the best pairing to go with.

At least you now know the uses for each drill. Whichever one you decide to purchase will entirely depend on the circumstances and how frequently you indend on using them. The useful video guides will be a great help in determining whether you should buy a combi drill or an impact driver.


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