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Parkside 160W Rotary Tool

The Parkside 160w rotary tool is a Lidl equivalent of a Dremel rotary tool. With a large selection of accessories that typically go on...

Parkside High Pressure Cleaner PHD 170 B2

Connected load : 2400 watts Flow rate: max. 500 l/h   Ideal for vehicles, terraces, facades Powerful aluminum high-pressure pump Suitable for common hose systems

Parkside Multitool PMFW 310 D2

Power: 310W Idle speed: 15000-21000 rpm Scraping and grinding Infinitely adjustable number of oscillations Tool-free change of accessories

Parkside PADM 1250 Planer

Vibration-dampening rubber feet Speed: 8500 rpm Power: 1250 W Protected on/off switch For smooth and perfectly square wood Planer knife with 2 interchangeable HS blades

Parkside PAH 1300 B2 Demolition Hammer

Power: 1300 W Impact energy: 15 joules Impact energy: 3800 min 360° rotatable auxiliary handle Main handle with vibration damping

Parkside PAH 1700 C4 Demolition Hammer

Output : 1,700 watts Impact energy: 50 joules Number of impacts: 200 - 2,100 min⁻¹ With high impact for demolition work Suitable for breakthroughs in concrete,...

PARKSIDE PBH 800 A1 Rotary & Chisel Hammer

Rated input: 800 W Impact Strength: 1.2 joules Impact Rotation Rate: 0-7500 rpm Pneumatic hammer mechanism Central selector switch for all functions Front handle can be rotated by 360°

Parkside PBSD 600 A1 Belt Sander

Power: 600 W Grinding surface: 75 x 140 mm Belt speed : 170-250 m/min Infinitely adjustable belt speed Slim front roller for sanding close to the...

Parkside PBSD 900 A1 Belt Sander

Power: 900 watts Belt speed: 240-400 m/min Belt dimensions: 75 x 533 mm Slim front roller for sanding close to the edge Connection for external dust extraction Easy changing of...

Parkside PBTS 370 B2 Bench Sander

Power: 370 watts Speed: 2980 min-¹ Disc size: approx. Ø 150 mm Solid construction for high contact pressure Abrasive belt adjustable horizontally and vertically Connection for external dust extraction

Parkside PDSSE 550 A1 Impact Wrench

Power: 550 W Idling speed: 3700 rpm Tool holder: ½" square drive Impact mechanism with high power development Ergonomic design with a balanced centre...

Parkside PFBS 12 B3 Rotary Tool

Battery voltage: 12 volts Speed: continuously adjustable Set: with 44 attachments

Parkside PFS 710 D3 Saber Saw

Output : 710 watts Number of strokes: max. 2,800 rpm Stroke length: 20 mm For wood, plastic, metal and lightweight building materials. Also suitable for flush cutting. Extendable...

Parkside PHKS 1350 C2 Circular Saw

Rated power: 1350 watts No-load speed: 2200-4700 rpm Cutting angle: 0-45° Electronically controlled soft start Automatic power supply - Intelligent Power Control cutting depth and cutting with...

Parkside PHPA 4 C4 Hot Glue Gun

Battery: 4 V Temperature: 150-190 °C Heating time: approx. 15 seconds Universally applicable Display for heating and battery charge status Ergonomic soft grip

Parkside PMB 1100 B2 Metal Band Saw

Max. power: 1100 W Speed: 0-290 rpm Miter angle: 0-45° For precise cutting Versatile in use Integrated LED work light

Parkside PMFS 200 C3 3 in 1 Orbital Sander

Power: 200 W Idle speed: 7000-12000 rpm 3-in-1 function Ergonomic handles Easy sanding sheet change

Parkside PMK 550 A1 Nibbler

Power: 550W Stroke height: 7mm Infinitely adjustable die For clean, straight and curved cuts For precise cutting of metal and other sheet metal

Parkside PMTS 210 A1 Table Saw

Power consumption: 1200 W No-load speed: 4800 rpm Mitre angle: 0-45° For precise cuts Infinitely adjustable cutting height Infinitely inclinable saw blade

Parkside POF 1200 D3 Router

Power: 1200 W Speed: 11000-30000 rpm Milling basket stroke: 55 mm Suitable for wood, lightweight building materials and non-ferrous metals Infinitely adjustable speed For versatile and precise processing

Parkside PPS 200 Precision Sander

Power: 200 W Oscillation rate: 28000 rpm With combined triangular and square sanding plate Adhesion with Velcro

Parkside PSBM 750 B3 Impact Drill

Connected load : 750 W Impact rate: max. 48000 rpm Torque: max. 10 Nm

Parkside PSBS 240 C2 Bench Ginder & Sander

Power: max. 240 watts No-load speed: 2980 rpm Grinding wheel speed: approx. 23 m/s For processing metal, wood and plastic Adjustable workpiece supports Tool-free fastening of the...

Parkside PSS 270 C3 Orbital Sander

Power: 270 watts Oscillation rate: 14000-24000 rpm Ergonomic handles with non-slip features

Parkside PSTD 800 Jigsaw

Connected load: 800 W No-load stroke rate: 0–3100 rpm Stroke length: 22 mm Protection against splintering Laser guide and LED work light Connection for external dust extraction

Parkside PTBM 400 Pillar Drill

Power: 400 W Speed: 600-2650 rpm Max. drilling diameter: 25 mm (wood), 10 mm (steel) Infinitely adjustable drilling depth Adjustable vice Durable induction motor

Parkside PTKS 2000 G5 Table Saw

Power: 2000 W Saw blade speed: max. 5000 rpm Mitre angle: -60° to +60° 2 adjustable saw blade speeds Laser for cutting line preview Infinitely inclinable saw blad

Parkside PTS 710 Plunge Saw

Switchable laser for cutting precision Adjustable cutting depth from 0-27 mm Quick release lever and precise scale Non-slip soft grip and guide knob

Parkside PTSS 1200 C2 Circular Saw

Plunge saw with 2-part saw bar & guide rail for cutting. Power: 1,200 watts Speed: 5,200 rpm Working close to walls up to 15 mm Cutting depth adjustable...

Parkside PWBS 180 B3 Sander & Grinder

Grinding device including cup wheel and sandpaper Power: 1050 watts Speed: n max. 1900 rpm Diameter of grinding disc: 18 cm Work close to the edge thanks...

PARKSIDE PWDS 920 B2 Wall & Ceiling Grinder

Power: 710 watts Speed: 800 - 1,800 rpm Sanding Disc Size: 225 mm With adjustable speed for optimal sanding results Connection for external dust extraction Sanding head with flexible...

Parkside PWS 115 A1 Angle Grinder

Power: 750 W Speed: 12000 rpm Robust die-cast aluminium gear housing Can also be used with cup or disc brushes Easy tool change thanks to spindle lock

Parkside PWS 125 F6 Angle Grinder

Output: 1200 watts Speed: max. 12000 rpm Disc dimensions: up to Ø 125 mm Suitable for all commercially available discs up to Ø 125 mm Robust die-cast aluminum...

Parkside PWS 230 D4 Angle Grinder

Output: 2,000 watts Speed: 6,500 rpm Disc size: approx. Ø 230 mm Sturdy aluminum housing front Easy disc change with spindle lock Variable, non-slip rubberized handles

Parkside PZKS 2000 Compound Mitre Saw

Power: 2,000 watts Speed: 4,800 rpm Inclination setting: 0° to 45° For precise sawing of wood and plastic Laser for increased cutting precision Infinitely tiltable saw head

Parkside Wall Chaser PMNF 1350 A1

Connected load : 1500 W load speed: 9000 rpm Electronically controlled motor Connection for external dust extraction Automatic overload protection

Parside PBH 1500 F6 Rotary & Chisel Hammer Drill

Power: 1500 W Impact rate: 0–3900 rpm Speed: 0–800 rpm

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