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Tim Ridgers

I bought a double battery charger and 2 batteries for my Parkside circular saw at the same time. One of the batteries charges to...

Cordless sabre saw PSSA 20-LiA1 STOPPED

Stopped while cutting 50x50mm clean dry wood. Some thing loose inside the body of the tool as you can hear if you rotate the...

Parkside 200w double bench grinder

Can a grinding wheel be changed for a buffing wheel ?

Compressor PKO 270 A5 – fitting accessories

hi i'm trying to find out how i can use my air compressor with a 'quick release' PM20 fitting it doesn't fit the existing connectors so...

Parkside inspection camera

Hi, my parkside inspection camera has developed a fault of turning itself off immediately after switching unit on. I have only used this item...

Multi garden tools

Hi I brought the multi garden tool strimmer hedge cutter etc late last year I got it out to use a few weeks ago...

Broken grinder

I recently purchased a grinder from Lidl kilmarnock.the cutting disc supplied shattered upon contact nearly injuring my self and my son. Using now it...

Parkside FAHE 20 Li cordless Pole pruner stops

My pruner will run for 5 seconds and then stops. Pressing and holding the button again will get it to start but it only...

Drill stopped working

The battery is fully charged but the drill is not coming on. Please let me what is the next step.

Parkside pfs 710 d3 reciprocating saw replacement blade shaft

Hi. I purchased the above some time ago and have found it very useful for my home DIY.  Unfortunately and quite surprisingly, the end of...

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