Broken grinder

    Asked By John Mackie On

    I recently purchased a grinder from Lidl kilmarnock.the cutting disc supplied shattered upon contact nearly injuring my self and my son. Using now it starts and stops as if the motor is burning out so can't be used for any length of time on anything hard .I have lost the receipt and binned the box.can you help.i have photos of the disc.

    1 Answer

    Answered By Hazel Purdom On

    Hi John,

    Typically, angle grinder discs are not going to be covered by a warranty for an item like this. Grinder discs wear down and are disposable items, just like sand paper is for an electric sander. If the disc shattered, the store may offer a new one but if you handled the grinder incorrectly, it could result in the disc shattering.


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