Where is the tripswitch located?

    Asked By Richard Graham On

    The power is out in my house and I have never had to use the trip switch before but I have been told I need to turn it back on. Where can I find this?

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    Answered By Hazel Purdom On

    This trip switch is normally found in the fuse box of your house. Depending on what country you live in, it may be located in the basement, utility room, hallway etc. It should look like the picture below.

    The switch itself and the board will surely look different depending on your location but you can see that the trip switch is marked on the top left of the board. The switch in this image is turned on but when it has flipped, you should see that it is the only switch in the down position. Simply pushing it back up should fix the problem. So long as you have removed whatever caused it to flick down in the first place.

    tripswitch in fuse box
    You can see that this fuse board has the tripswitch written below its location to make it easy


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