DIYDo Parkside Tool Batteries Have Cell Balancing?

Do Parkside Tool Batteries Have Cell Balancing?


Do Parkside Tool Batteries Have Cell Balancing?

Monday, January 15, 2024

When it comes to battery packs for tools, cell balancing is an important feature to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. It is a relatively simple feature in theory, I can’t speak for the engineering side, that will prevent one defective cell from reducing the life and charge of the more healthy cells.

Since power tool battery packs can have 3 or more power cells inside, one of these cells losing charge or lacking capacity compared to the others will degrade the entire battery. If you have a relatively new battery and find the power is draining very fast, it may be related to a lack of cell balancing.

Is Cell Balancing Used In Parkside Tools?

When the x12 and x20 volt range of power tools were first introduced, the batteries, while built using lithium ion cells were criticised for the lack of cell balancing. This meant that the longevity of the battery packs was deminished if there was a defective cell.

The good news for people who have picked up any of the x12 or x20 tools, the latest batteries include cell balancing. The box I picked up in the local lidl store shows that cell balancing is now part of th see battery packs.

Parkside battery cell balancing
The battery box clearly advertises cell balancing is used in the latest models.

What is cell balancing?

I won’t claim to fully understand the science behind it but the video below will explain it all nice and easy in a much better way than I can!


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