DIYAre Ferrex And Parkside Jigsaw Blades Universally Compatible?

Are Ferrex And Parkside Jigsaw Blades Universally Compatible?


No matter what brand of DIY tools you buy, replacement parts such as blades and other cutting bits are going to wear down and need to be replaced. A versatile tool like a Jigsaw can be equipped with many different cutting blades, some of which can snap quite easily compared to other cutting blades, requiring a replacement.

Lidl and Aldi stores often sell jigsaw blades under the Ferrex and Parkside brand names. If you are in need of some new blades, you may be wondering if Ferrex jigsaw blades will work with Parkside tools or if Parkside blades will work with Ferrex tools. You may even have another brand of jigsaw and want to know if these blades are universal and will fit any jigsaw.

T Shaped Jigsaw Blades Work With Any Tool

All of the jigsaws that Lidl and Aldi sell under the Parkside and Ferrex brands use the T shaped jigsaw blades. This means that all of the blades that they sell are designed to use the same blade fitting. This is the standard blade fitting for all Jigsaws which means that you should find that the blades you purchase in these supermarkets will work with any jigsaw.

parkside ferrex jigsaw blade comparison
As you can see from the image, the blade fittings are the exact same between the two different brands.

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