DIYKnob Broken On Back of Parkside Bandsaw

Knob Broken On Back of Parkside Bandsaw


Knob Broken On Back of Parkside Bandsaw

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

If you have purchased a Parkside bandsaw from Lidl, you might find that the two bolts beneath the cutting tray, just above the motor are a little cramped. The bar that protrudes from one of the knobs makes it difficult to turn as it will clip off the other knob and the tray.

If you rotate the cutting tray often, you may find that the plastic housing breaks and you are unable to screw the bolt in anymore. Fear not, this does not mean you are no longer able to use the device. Although the plastic cant is repaired, you can still use the bolt as normal.

  1. Start by stripping away the remaining plastic that is around the bolt so that you have a raw metal bolt without any of the red plastic parts around the edges.
  2. Remove the second bolt that is currently holding the cutting tray in place. It will now be loose.
  3. Underneath the cutting tray, place the bolt into the position market in the image below and tighten it to the point so that the tray can still be moved but there is still some force holding it in place. You will need to use a spanner to tighten this bolt and will need to use one to adjust it in future but if you tighten it right now, chances are you will not need to move it again.
  4. Once you are happy the tray is fastened tight enough, fasten the second bolt that is used to tilt the cutting tray. This will be the only one you need to modify in future as there should be just enough give in the tightness of the other bolt you just set with a wrench to be able to easily tilt the tray.


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