DIYParkside PDSSA 20 LI vs DeWalt DCF 885

Parkside PDSSA 20 LI vs DeWalt DCF 885


DeWalt is a well-known power tool manufacturer that has been around for a very long time. They have built up a reputation as being one of the best tool manufacturers in the business. They have a range of power tools that they sell, and their latest product is the DeWalt DCF 885. This is a high-speed brushless motorized tool that has a 20 LI battery pack that can be charged in about an hour from a standard wall outlet. When you compare these two head-to-head, however, it becomes very clear which makes the better choice for homeowners and professionals.

The Parkside PDSSA 20 is an incredibly cheap impact driver that has started to get a reputation for being a top-quality tool for a very good price. The selling point of this tool is that it is made from 100% American-made steel and can be very powerful without being too light to use for both large and small tasks. The DeWalt DCF 885 also uses all-American M2 steel, but costs twice as much.

The Parkside PDSSA 20 is a good tool because it costs under $50 and can handle almost any power tool job that you throw at it. It is lightweight and well balanced, so it can be held for long periods without any strain. It has the same amount of torque as the DeWalt DCF 885 but is half as heavy.

The DeWalt DCF 885 features a new ‘soft closure’ system that slowly slows the impact to a complete stop in order to prevent users from getting injured or damaging surrounding objects. This is a feature that is only found on the most expensive drills and it really does work well.

The video comparison below will show you more of what you can expect to compare the differences between both of these impact drivers to help you determine which is the best one for you to purchase.

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