What company makes Parkside Tools?

    Asked By Larry Soto On

    Lidl are a supermarket so they hardly have a manufacturing plant that makes the different tools in the Parkside range. does anyone know who they outsource it to?

    1 Answer

    Answered By Richard Graham On

    Lidl actually uses several different manufacturers to source their Parkside tools from. Generally speaking, most of the stuff comes from China and you will find that there are some very similar-looking tools available from other less reputable brands.

    In saying this, there are a few manufacturers that Lidl deal with that provide you with fairly good quality tools for an incredibly cheap cost. You can check out this list for the best manufacturers of Parkside tools. 

    You might be surprised to learn that a lot of the manufacturing plants that make a lot of stuff that come to Lidl stores are some well-known brands that make some good stuff.


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