DIYParkside Performance Cordless Impact Drill PSBSAP Unboxing

Parkside Performance Cordless Impact Drill PSBSAP Unboxing


Along with the hammer drill that I picked up in Lidl this week, I also picked up the cordless impact drill that was also part of the performance range of tools that they had on special offer this week.

This drill, is your fairly standard cordless drill that comes with a hammer setting. It is obviously not as intense and powerful as that of the hammer drill but this is a very handy multi purpose cordless drill to have around the house.

The PSBSAP impact drill feels like a very sturdy drill that comes with a handy grip that will give you a little more leverage when trying to drill into dense surfaces such as concrete. Check out the video below for the unboxing of the tool.

Does the PSBSAP Use SDS Bits?

Since this was a topic with the hammer drill, I thought I would answer the question around whether this drill made use of SDS bits instead of the standard smooth shaft bit that works with a traditional chuck.

The PSBSAP drill uses a standard chuck. This means that you will be able to make use of all of the standard drill bits. If you want to use SDS bits, you will need to purchase a separate SDS Adaptor for a standard drill that will allow you to use these attachments.

It is worth mentioning that the hammer function on this drill is not nearly enough to use chisels. First, because the hammer setting will still make the bit rotate but also because it doesn’t have enough power to do any sort of heavy duty chisel work.

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