DIYUsing SDS Plus Drill Bits With a Standard Drill

Using SDS Plus Drill Bits With a Standard Drill


Using SDS Plus Drill Bits With a Standard Drill

Monday, January 15, 2024

SDS Plus is a very common format used for hammer drills and the bits that are used with it. Unlike the more traditional drill bit, SDS bits contain some unique grooves and indentations on the shaft that allow it to connect more securely to the drive shaft of the drill to give you maximum performance without any slipping of the drip bit when it is under pressure.

If you have a hammer drill or a cordless impact drill that can pack a punch but uses a standard chuck that accepts smooth drill bits, you may want to find a way to use SDS bits without having to pay lots of money for a new drill.

sds and standard drill bit
Standard drill bit on the bottom compared to an SDS plus drill bit on top

Clamping SDS Bits In A Standard Chuck

It is unlikely you have a standard drill with a chuck that can take the 18mm bits that an SDS Max bit uses. Chances are you want to make use of an SDS Plus bit but have a drill with a normal chuck.

One thing people often do is just to clamp the SDS bit in the chuck as if it were a normal bit. There are some downsides to this, however. Since the shaft of an SDS bit has the fittings routed into it to fit an SDS chuck, you may find that when you tighten the chuck, it can make the drill bit sit unevenly.

Many people also find that they have to keep retightening the chuck of the drill when an SDS bit is clamped down on. This may not be a problem if you are drilling into stone or concrete. A small slip of the bit is unlikely to cause any serious damage like it would with timber.

Replace the Chuck or get an SDS Drill

I know the answer you wanted was some handy adapter that could allow an SDS bit to work with a standard drill but they don’t seem to exist. The only real solution, if you want to keep the drill, is to change the chuck, which is likely going to be a lot more trouble than it is worth.

The only good answer to anyone wanting to use their SDS plus bits in a normal drill is to buy a new drill. Hammer drills are incredibly cheap these days. If you are looking for something to just drill into concrete, you can buy a fairly basic SDS hammer drill that would do a very good job and will cost you very little. It also saves you all of the trouble of having to switch chucks or mess around with any sort of drill adapters.


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