DIYParkside Performance Hammer Drill 20v PKHAP Unboxing

Parkside Performance Hammer Drill 20v PKHAP Unboxing


I am by no means a power tool expert but having made my way to Lidl for some bread, I found myself spending 120 euro on power tools. This was one of the items that I picked up. The Parkside Performance PKHAP 20 LI A1 cordless hammer drill.

This felt like a fairly hefty tool to use and while you would probably end up with some battery issues having to use this to pull up a larger floor or anything, it seems like it would be perfect for smaller, heavy-duty jobs like drilling holes or pulling off a few wall tiles.

If you are thinking of picking up this tool, check out the video below for a quick view on what is inside the box and some basic performance of the tool that may help you decide whether this is worth purchasing.

Using The Depth Gauge

This was something I spoke about at the end of the video and wasn’t sure how useful it would be. I found myself needing to drill into a concrete block wall, so I wasted no opportunity to give the tool a proper test run. The result was rather disappointing when it came to the depth gauge.

It looks like you are best off sticking with a piece of tape on the drill bit if you require some precise depth when drilling into a wall inside a house. The vibration from the metal pile caused some scratching of the paint.

Parkside Performance Hammer Drill 20v PKHAP
As you can see from the image, the vibration caused by the depth gauge has scratched the paint on the wall. Although this is still useful for more dirty jobs, It is unlikely you will get much use from the depth gauge with standard indoor walls.

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