Where To Buy Replacement Parts for Parkside Tools


Lidl stores sell a huge number of power tools under the Parkside range. The level of quality is not always consistent but overall, you can expect to get a reasonably long life out of any Parkside tools that you pick up from your local store.

It doesn’t matter how well you look after your tools, you are inevitably going to find that a small part has worn down or gets damaged. Replacing various components of these tools can be quite tricky. First, because the tools are not always available in the supermarkets but also because it is quite difficult to find a central parkside support hub. So where can you go for replacement parts for parkside tools?

Contact the Tool Manufacturer

This one might seem confusing but Parkside are not a tool manufacturer. If you look at the label on any of the tools you own, you will see that there is going to be some brand name. These days it is typically Grizzly Tools or Kompernass but there are several tool manufacturers under Parkside.

finding tool manufacturer
The label on the side of all of the tools will detail the manufacturer. You can see from this drill, Grizzly tools is the manufacturer

Kompernass Support & Parts

Kompernass make some of the best tools for Parkside and while their website is in German, they do sell lots of spare parts for the tools that they produce. Google Chrome and various other plugins for other browsers will translate pages for you. https://www.kompernass.com/de/parkside/

Replacement Parts for Parkside Tools
Although it is in german, Kompernass sell a huge amount of replacement parts for all of the Parkside tools that they produce

Grizzly Tools Support & Parts

Again, another German brand and their online store are in that language. There is a language button at the top right of the page for you to change it to whatever language you are most comfortable with. https://grizzlytools.shop/

replacement parts for parkside tools
Grizzly tools is also a german website but you can change the language to find the spare parts you need for their tools.

Call Lidl Support

From experience, I have found that contacting Lidl support is a very quick and easy way to get help. They obviously have direct relationships with the manufacturers and can more easily source parts if the product is still within warranty. Don’t expect them to be able to get you a random part for some jigsaw you picked up 10 years ago but if the product is still in warranty they will definitely be able to replace the broken part. If not, they may still be able to source a spare part for you.


  1. Hi i recently bought a small Parkside wood turning lathe, and the tool supprt bar has broken, can you supply a replacement, it is 7 inches in length. Thanks

  2. Can you tell me if the 20v motor is a standard replacement part for the parkside cordless oscillating multi tool

  3. If you bought it recently it has a 3 year warranty. Return it and get a replacement.
    Hope you kept your receipt 😉

  4. Hi i bought a Parkside PBS 350 B2 but the table and fence were missing as it was the last one i took it as was at a reduced price now i would like to find them to purchase how do i find them

  5. Hi there . I bought a Parkside double bench grinder with flexible drive shaft, 120 A1.
    I tried hard and could not find the buffing disc and the grinding disc, can you help me up please

  6. Hi broken on off switch for Parkside angle grinder ….adjustable speed upto 6 ….label worn no internal reference etc regards Alan


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