DIYHow to Fit a Blade on a Jigsaw: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Fit a Blade on a Jigsaw: A Step-by-Step Guide


Jigsaws are versatile power tools that can make straight and curved cuts in a variety of materials. However, in order to achieve optimal results, installing the blade correctly is crucial. Here’s an easy-to-follow, informative guide on how to fit a blade on a jigsaw.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw blade
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves


1. Safety First: Before starting any tool-related work, always ensure safety. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves.

2. Unplug the Jigsaw: If your jigsaw is an electric model, ensure that it’s unplugged from the power source or if it’s a battery-operated model, ensure the battery is removed. This prevents the jigsaw from accidentally starting up during the blade installation process.

3. Blade Release Mechanism: Jigsaws typically have a blade release mechanism. This will either be a lever, a knob, or a screw, depending on your jigsaw model. Identify this mechanism on your tool.

4. Release the Existing Blade: If there’s a blade already installed, you need to remove it first. Hold the jigsaw firmly and activate the blade release mechanism. Please be aware that the blade can be hot if you have just used it, so be cautious when removing it.

5. Blade Installation: Take the new blade and identify the “shank” which is the part that fits into the jigsaw. This part does not have any teeth. Hold the blade by the shank and carefully fit it into the blade clamp on the jigsaw. The teeth of the blade should be facing forward, away from the jigsaw.

6. Secure the Blade: Once the blade is in the blade clamp, ensure it is firmly positioned. If your jigsaw uses a screw or a lever as a part of the clamp, make sure it’s securely tightened. Give a slight tug on the blade to make sure it’s locked in place.

7. Final Checks: Once the blade is secured, ensure it’s installed straight and not at an angle. The teeth should be able to move freely and shouldn’t touch any part of the jigsaw’s base.

Replacing or fitting a blade on a jigsaw isn’t a daunting task if you understand your tool well. Make sure you follow instructions and safety protocols to ensure a risk-free and task-effective operation. I hope this guide has been informative and able to guide you through the process.

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