DIYParkside Jigsaw Replacement Blades

Parkside Jigsaw Replacement Blades


Parkside sell a range of different jigsaws under the x20v and x12v cordless range along with several others from a range of different tool lines. If you have picked up one of these tools, you might find yourself looking for some replacement jigsaw blades for Parkside tools.

Since Lidl stores do not stock a regular supply of replacement blades, bits and other attachments for the power tools that they sell, you will need to find somewhere else to source replacement parts.

Parkside Jigsaws Use Standard Blades

Before going into detail on where to find replacement Jigsaw blades for Parkside tools, you should know that all Parkside Jigsaws (that i know of) use the same standard T jigsaw blade fitting that the vast majority of other brands use for their jigsaws. This means that pretty much any store that sells jigsaw blades will give you the right type of blade to use.

parkside jigsaw replacement blades
The Parkside blades for their jigsaws are the same t shape fitting that all jigsaw blades use.

Aldi and Lidl Supermarkets

Aldi and Lidl stores both sell the same jigsaw blades under different brand names. The Ferrex brand of tools will use the exact same blades. As you can see from the image below, the blades are the exact same. If you spot the blades in the other supermarket or see specials coming in soon, you can pick these blades up for use in the competitor’s jigsaw.

parkside ferrex jigsaw blade comparison
As you can see from the image, the blade fittings are the exact same between the two different brands.

Any Local Hardware Store Jigsaw Blades

Since the tools use standard size Jigsaw blades, you should easily find that any local hardware store will sell the blades you need. Jigsaws are very common tools and blades for them are widely sold in any decent hardware store. If you visit a hardware store, you are most definitely going to find the correct size blades to fit your jigsaw.

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