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Parkside Tools Customer Support


Parkside are a very familiar brand of power tools for anyone who regularly visits Lidl supermarkets. As a brand, they feel rather unrepresented with there being no central Parkside website where you can find out everything you need to know about their tools and get some product help. That’s not to say there aren’t ways to get help, it is just difficult to find it.

If you own some tools and need help from customer support or are considering purchasing a product and want to know whether the Parkside tools customer support is any good. Having had to deal with them in the past, here are my thoughts on the customer support for Parkside tools.

Start With The Store You Bought The Product From

This is normally the best port of call if something has broken. The stores will generally take something back without any questions asked. So long as you still have the receipt, the goods will be taken back. If there are products left in the store, an exchange is normally no problem either. So if you have purchased a faulty product, the fastest and easiest method to deal with this is just to head back to the store you purchased it from.

If you want a replacement, nearby stores that you did not purchase the product from may accept the return and give you a replacement. You will be surprised how accommodating the stores can be considering they are such a large chain.

Getting Help With Using Products

The documentation is normally quite comprehensive but if there is a part that you do not understand or have misplaced the manual and need to figure out how to do something, where can you go for help? This part can be a little tricky, unfortunately. A good place to start is the help section for Parkside tools here. You will be able to ask a question if you are unable to find an answer to an existing question.

Parkside does not have a central support website for getting help with products like this. When I Google it, I find Lidl, Kompernass and some more unrelated websites. You may need to contact Lidl directly if you need to get in touch with the manufacturer. As I have covered in a previous post, Parkside tools are made by many brands, contacting the manufacturer requires you to know more than the product just being from Parkside. The Lidl customer support should be able to help you from this point.

    Is Customer Support For Parkside Tools Any Good?

    Finding the right person to contact can be tough but generally, getting in touch with Lidl will result in someone ringing you to help with your problem. I have needed to do this once and the help I received was flawless. My problem was dealt with quickly and there were no issues.

    I am sure there are people who will not have had a good outcome but the fact is that it is possible to get in touch with a human from the support team that will do their best to help resolve your problem. If you value customer support for products you purchase, you should have no problems getting help from Parkside.

    How To Contact Parkside Customer Support

    So as I have mentioned above, contacting support for these tools will normally require you to go through Lidl. This may vary depending on what country you are from but regardless, Lidl will offer customer support in every country and they are the first port of call. If you have issues with a product they sell and need to contact them rather than returning the goods. Simply head to the Lidl website for the country you live in and you will find the customer support information in the footer of the website.

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