Are brambles poisonous?

    Asked By Dan On

    These plants grow everywhere. All of the hedges are full of with with lots of big thorns. Sometimes in the summer I see branches grow out into the path. What happens if you get stung? Are brambles poisonous?

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    Answered By Wesley Boucher On

    Generally speaking, they are fairly harmless plants. There may be cases where there could be some sort of underlying issue a person has or a scratch from a thorn that gets infected but brambles are not poisonous.

    Brambles also don't have the ability to sting. They contain large thorns, much like a rose bush does. Getting pricked by one may cause a fairly deep cut that will cause you to bleed for a few minutes but nothing more. The thorns are strong enough to pierce the skin but will break before they cause any serious damage worthy of stitches. 

    I wouldn't suggest you go running I to them but if you spot them on the path, just pick off the thorns and then snap the branch to get it out of the way.


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