Are dandelions harmful to the garden?

    Asked By Larry Soto On

    No matter how hard I try, I am unable to keep on top of the dandelions growing on my lawn. I pull them up and I make sure they never turn into the puffy flowers. I mow the lawn and they have grown back the very next day. Are dandelions harmful to the garden or should I just give up and let them grow naturally?

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    Answered By Daniel Farrow On

    Dandilions are harmless. They do tend to grow very fast and will take over your lawn but they do not pose any serious harm. 

    It's best to leave them grow naturally in the lawn. The yellow flowers are good for the bees as dandilions flower very early in spring, giving them a much needed source of pollen when there aren't many other flowers.

    If they start growing in the flower beds, it is best to remove then. They will quickly outgrow other, smaller plants and starve them of sunlight and moisture. When it comes to flower beds, they can cause some trouble, so keep on top of them here.


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