Is it safe to water garden when it is sunny?

    Asked By Wesley Boucher On

    We are getting a lot of hot weather at the moment. Some of the young plants that are just growing are starting to wilt from the intense heat and the lack of roots that go deep. I have been using a small watering can to wet the soil but it is very time consuming and slow. Is it safe for me to use the hose and spray the entire garden with water during the day when the sun is at its peak? Will it burn the plants?

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    Answered By Alex Webb On

    Yes, it is normally safe to water plants in the sun. The stories around water magnifying the sun and causing leaves to burn is not true. 

    If you water your garden during the peak of the mid day sun, you may find that the water evaporates very quickly but it will not damage the plants. It's not the most efficient way to water your garden but when it comes to young plants that don't have deep roots you will have to waste a little water if you want them to survive and not burn up from a lack of water.


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