PAP 18 A1 Battery replacement

    Asked By Edward Nichols On

    I have a drill with 18v battery that seams to be failing and need to get another,its a PAP 18 A1

    IAN270421, can you advise me,thanks

    1 Answer

    Answered By Dan On

    This one may be a little tricky to find a replacement for as this is a discontinued line of tools from the Parkside range. They have been replaced with the xv20 range of tools which will not have compatible batteries.

    A Quick search on google shows they are available on Amazon and some other marketplaces. They are quite expensive though, to the point where it might be better to purchase the latest drill model and move onto the new batteries. This is a big waste if the old drill is functional. Check the information on the battery label to see if you can find what company manufactured it. Looks like it may be connected to bosch but the label should give you some business information. Contact the manufacturer and they may advise where you can find a replacement battery



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