Why are wood SDS Plus bits so hard to find?

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    I wanted to get some drill bits that work for wood but they are quite difficult to find. I did find a few that looks like they would work well for wood but they are expensive and don't seem ideal. Why are wooden bits so uncommon for SDS plus drills?

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    Answered By Hazel Purdom On

    SDS drills are generally used with heavy-duty hammer drills rather than standard combi drills. If you are using a hammer setting for drilling into wood, you are likely going to damage it and cause splintering. In order to efficiently cut into wood, you need speed rather than impact and this is not what hammer drills are good for.

    Since SDS plus and SDS max bits are used for heavy impact jobs, they tend not to make bits for cutting into wood. SDS drills don't tend to spin as fast as combi drills. This makes them less effective when it comes to drilling into timber.

    If you really want to get an SDS drill to work with wood bits, you would be better off using an SDS adaptor which will allow the drill to work with standard wood bits. You will still get an inferior result, particularly for pilot holes and other precision drilling.


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