Will regular drill bits work with the Parkside 20v Hammer Drill

Asked By Fred Hurst On

I see there is a Parkside x20v hammer drill coming to Lidl and I want to know whether these drills make use of regular drill bits that would work in any normal cordless drill? It is hard to get a good look at the top of the drill but it does look a little different from a regular tool.

1 Answer

Answered By Richard Graham On

All of the newer heavy-duty hammer drills will use an SDS chuck instead of the traditional chuck that accepts smooth drill bit shafts. SDS drills are not uncommon and bits for drilling and chiselling are easy to find and are normally sold in Lidl stores when the drills go on sale.

You will not be able to put a standard drill bit into these hammer drills but since these drills are used for heavy jobs, you will be needing to use some heavy-duty bits. Most of these are SDS. When shopping just make sure that they are not SDS Max as these bits are larger than standard SDS Plus bits that the Parkside tools accept


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