DIYWhere To Buy Replacement Router Bits For Parkside POFA 12

Where To Buy Replacement Router Bits For Parkside POFA 12


When you first unbox the POFA 12 router, you will find a small box of router bits inside at various sizes. You will also find a replacement collet that fits router bits that are a different size to the ones it comes fitted with. For most, the cutting bits supplied with the router will do the job just fine. However, if you use it a lot, you will end up needing to get some new bits after the stock bits go blunt. Where do you find them?

What Size Router Bits Does POFA 12 Use?

The Parkside POFA 12 router comes equipped with two different size collets. The bits that come with the router are 8mm but there is also a smaller collet that will allow you to use 6mm or quarter-inch bits.

In order to change the collet, you will just need to pull out the existing one, assuming it does not fall out on its own with the bit. Once it is out, simply rest the smaller collet on top of the router shaft and insert the smaller bit into the collet before putting the fastening nut on top.

Locations Selling Router Bits That Fit The POFA 12 Router

The biggest problem you will find with finding a replacement or alternative router bits for this tool is the measurements. The documentation for the router suggests using 6mm or 8mm bits. The majority of stores that sell DIY products, in the UK and Ireland at least, will not use the metric system. All products will be measured in inches rather than CM.

It is very hard to find an 8mm equivalent in any sites that stock products measured in inches. You will more than likely find them on Amazon, but the quality can be hit and miss with the products sold here.

You will find that the majority of online retailers like Screwfix will sell a range of 1/4″ router bits that will fit this router. Just make sure it is 1/4 and not 1/2.

Will 1/2 inch Bits Fit The POFA 12 Router?

Unfortunately not. Half inch bits are 1.2cm which is considerably larger than the maximum 8mm bit that this router can fit. There is also an issue that the motor on the router is not going to have the torque to be able to cut wood using such a large bit.

It is not recommended that you try to attach a larger bit to this router as you could burn it out or cause it to break in a way that may cause injury. Stick to the 1/4 inch bits.

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