DIYAre Parkside Tools Any Good?

Are Parkside Tools Any Good?


Parkside tools are a familiar sight to anyone who would regularly go to Lidl supermarkets for their grocery shopping. The highly popular middle aisle sections of the store will frequently feature a range of powertools under the Parkside brand, which is exclusive to the Lidl stores.

The main standout of Parkside tools, apart from the distinct green and black color scheme is the incredibly low price for the product you are getting. Rock bottom price with power tools is generally a sign that you are going to get a cheap quality tool. Does the same apply to Parkside tools?

How Good Are Parkside Tools?

Parkside tools are most definitely great value for money. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar spec tool anywhere online that matches the quality of Parkside tools for the same cost. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are great on its own, but good value for money is a great start.

When it comes to quality and durability, the tools are remarkably good compared to what you might expect. You will be crazy to expect Parkside tools to be as good as Makita, DeWalt or any other of the major power tool brands but at a fraction of the price, you do get a surprisingly good tool for your money.

Best Suited For Hobbyists and Home DIY

If you are a professional, you may find that Parkside tools will do the job for you but you would be lucky to get long term use from them if you are using them very heavily on a daily basis. These tools are generally meant for home DIY where you might find you use a drill or a saw a few times a month.

For those who are looking for a handy range of tools to put into the shed so that you are prepared to tackle any DIY job that pops up around the house, your money will be well spent with Parkside tools.

Here is a great video where a huge range of different Parkside tools have been reviewed in depth to give you a better idea, from someone with experience, whether these tools are any good.

Parkside Tools Are Great For Starting Out

For anyone getting started with carpentry or any kind of DIY, it can be overwhelming to see the number of tools you need to purchase to be prepared for every job. You don’t want to purchase garbage tools that do not work effectively and you do not want to spend a small fortune on professional tools that will rust from underuse before they burnout.

A fantastic approach to take is to purchase tools you find in the Parkside range to get familiar with the tool and the jobs you can perform with it. If you find in six months that you are using a particular tool on a regular basis and need something that performs better, purchase a more high end brand.

If you find you have used the tool twice since purchasing it, well then you can keep your parkside tool and use it now and then when you need it. The cheap price of the tools mean that you have not wasted a large sum of money on something you are not using to its full potential.

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