DIYParkside x12v 4ah High Capacity Battery

Parkside x12v 4ah High Capacity Battery


The parkside x12v team range of handheld power tools will come with a standard three-cell battery that is sold separately and also provided in the box with select tools in the range.

There is also a high capacity lithium-ion battery that is available for the x12v range that will provide you with double the capacity of the smaller battery.

Will The High Capacity Battery Work With All Tools?

Although the larger battery looks as though it belongs on a cordless drill, It is designed with the same specifications as the smaller battery. Ergonomically, it may not be a perfect fit, it will fit in a functional sense.

When considering purchasing the high capacity battery, analyze how you currently hold the tool you want to use the high capacity battery with and see whether the larger base is going to be prohibitive for you.

Do You Need A Different Charger For The 4Ah Battery?

The larger battery has three extra power cells in the large base of the battery which gives it the extra capacity. The main stem of the battery that connects to the charger is the exact same size as the smaller battery. This means that you can use the exact same battery charger for the 2Ah and the 4ah battery that are part of the x12v power tool range.

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