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Parkside Tools Customer Support

Parkside are a very familiar brand of power tools for anyone who regularly visits Lidl supermarkets. As a brand, they feel rather unrepresented with there being no central Parkside website where you can find...

Who Manufactureres Parkside Tools

Parkside is a bit of a mystery company in that they do not actually make tools. Where do they come from, who manufactureres Parkside tools?

Lidl UK DIY Offers June 20th 2021

A small range of DIY offers will be available in Lidl stores across the UK on Sunday, June 20th 2021. This will include some useful accessories. For those starting out, you will find a...

Lidl Ireland DIY Offers June 21st 2021

Starting on Monday 21st of June, there will be a range of DIY offers available in Lidl Stores. Various accessories and add-ons to existing tools along with a small selection of power tools from...

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